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RSM (Rollforming Systems Machinery) has been present on the Polish market since 1999. Our firm specializes in production of machinery and devices for making rain gutters, drainpipes, roofing panels, windowsills and special profiles manufactured using the ENGLERT continuous system. Manufactured profiles can be of any length. The machines can be stationary or mobile, with electric or hydraulic power supply. They can be equipped with manual or hydraulic guillotine shear. The machines can be also equipped with an electronic control system to set the length and number of manufactured profiles and/or an electronic caliper that shows the profile length, all based on client's requests.

We develop projects in our own design office using CAD 3D SolidWorks environment. Our projects are based on clients drawing and requests. Our company is well known in Poland as well as abroad. Our machines currently work in the USA, France, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus and South Africa.

Zapytanie ofertowe na dostawę, montaż i uruchomienie 6 mikro elektrowni fotowoltaicznych o łącznej mocy 195,16 kWp
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